Saturday, April 21, 2012

A couple of muffins


I've been eating a lot of chicken breast and poached eggs over steamed greens lately. The creamy yolk on the vibrant green is REALLY pretty. But I don't eat them because they're aesthetically pleasing. It's because of my excessive baking during the past weeks. I made three types of muffins, a clafoutis, banana bread, pumpkin bread, cheddar herb quickbread, choquettes, and cinnamon pull apart bread. I ate all those lovely treats and enjoyed them fully. Now it is time to do a little healthy eating, no? 

corn muffins

So, muffins. I'd pick them over cake any day. Cookie or cake? Cake. Cake or cupcake? Cake. Cake or muffin? Muffin! My favorites are the classics: blueberry and corn. After strolling down the baking aisle at my local supermarket, a small, yellow sack of cornmeal caught my eye. I immediately planned to transform the coarse meal into tender corn muffins. Scrolling through Smitten Kitchen's recipe at the supermarket, I picked up everything I needed... except the frozen corn kernels. Darn, I thought as I waited for the muffins to cool. Then I bit into one. Delicious, with or without corn kernels. (For the record, I have a bag of kernels, chilling in my freezer, waiting to be slipped into corn muffin batter.) Notes: I used white whole wheat flour and it gave the muffins a nice, slight nutty flavor. 

banana muffins

Banana bread is freaking delicious. There's no other words to describe it. Lately, my younger brother always rushed to school without packing himself anything for breakfast. I decided to make a hearty banana bread into portable muffins. I roasted the bananas, let them cool, then gave them a spin in the processor. We both love pistachios so I just added some crushed nuts into the crumble topping. The best banana bread made better with pistachios. Yes. Notes: I used white whole wheat flour. Like I said, pistachios in the crumble topping make it special. Roasted bananas gave it a touch more sweetness but I didn't really get a different flavor profile. I didn't have honey so I used agave nectar. 

Now, for something a little different. Music. I'm not really a "music person." I have a few friends who live, breathe, eat music. I have a few favorite artists who sing mostly teenybopper/ Top 40 music. (Mike Posner, Vampire Weekend, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, One Direction) Then, I came across Hoodie Allen in Jake and Amir videos. And. I. Fell. In. Love. A UPenn grad and an ex-Google employee, Hoodie Allen (real name: Steven Markowitz) could do anything he wants. Seriously. He chose music and he excels at it. I bought his EP, All American, on the first day of its release. 4.99 - a bargain! This is one of my favorite songs off his EP. Listen! Love! (Then buy his EP!)

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