Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer's ultimate treat

Pat bing soo

When the temperature peaks, the only thing I want is pat bing soo (팥빙수). Cold, creamy, sweet, chunky. Pat bing soo takes on a variety of different flavors and textures due to the range of ingredients that compose it.

pat || || sweetened adzuki beans

bing soo || 빙수 || shaved ice

It is typically served with a bowl of shaved ice + huge dollop of pat + dduk (떡, Korea's mochi) + a drizzle of condensed milk. Simple. However, now, cafes and restaurants have been adding oodles and oodles of toppings, like ice cream, fruit, and cereal.

I spent a heaping portion of my summer in sweltering Seoul this year and tried to indulge in pat bing soo as much as I can. Alas, I only had it 6 times or so. My favorite? A milk bingsoo at Cafe Oui in Gangnam. A mountain of shaved, sweetened milk. A small bowl of pat. A few pieces of dduk. It is a simple but satisfying treat. The shaved milk reeeeally makes the difference. It is slightly sweet and very fluffy.

I tried to recreate it.


My milk ice wasn't as fluffy and I couldn't help but add some fruit and almonds.

This is my first time making pat bing soo. So, it's not the most perfect recipe but it is oh-so-delicious. Please give it a try on the next sweltering hot day. You'll thank me.

Pat bing soo