Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello, goodbye

My days of working in a laboratory are coming to a close. Soon, I’ll be trekking to school and complaining about school work, college applications (!), and extracurriculars. But until I official stop working at my internship and start going to school, I will be sample baking a lot of goodies. My mentors need good bye treats! (Duh.)

First on my list, Kim Boyce’s whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. Since I’m just trying to get a feel for the recipe, I’ll only be making half. I’m not quite sure what technique to use- Kim Boyce’s or Molly’s. (Read Molly's recipe notes. You'll get it.) You’re probably like, “Uh, Boyce’s! Obviously. She created the recipe...” But you see, I do not have a stand or hand mixer. All creaming is done with my right arm. So. Yes, creaming cubes of chilled butter is quite the task.

The first time I bit into a molasses cookies, I saw stars. I was completely smitten with the chewiness and deep flavor. I vowed to make them again. And I will. I’m searching for recipes with no shortening but it’s a really hard task! Let me know if you have one that is worth sharing and post it in the comments below!

I’ll be baking blueberry crumb bars the day before my last day. No need to sample bake, I already baked them before. Banana bread, too. It’s a favorite in my house. That’s reminds me; I have to pick some bananas up so they can get nice and sweet before Thursday...

How are you guys doing? This is just a snippet of my thoughts while I wait in between TBST washes.

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