Saturday, July 21, 2012

On fresh blueberries and frozen peas


What I like about summer is the plentitude of f-r-u-i-t. Fruit, especially blueberries, make up for the sticky Popsicle fingers, tender sunburns, and the-sand-in-every-crevice-of-my-jean-shorts. Add blueberries to an already amazing French yogurt cake and you get something truly special. Oozing bits of tang explode in your mouth as you bite into a chunk of this yogurt cake. In love with the texture and the addition of blueberries, I decided to make a cinnamon walnut blueberry yogurt coffee cake.

And it was delicious.

But why am I talking about fresh blueberries when a plate of vibrant plate of spaghetti and pea pesto is in front of you?

I'm getting there.

I dislike frozen blueberries in my cakes. My dislike is probably due to an incident when I dumped thawed, mushy blueberries into a muffin batter. It was not tasty. Nu-uh.
When it is summertime, I like to take advantage of the plentitude of the fresh fruit and produce. Doooooo it.

But not for peas.

I use frozen peas.

Is that weird? I like them more than fresh peas.

I'm usually a fresh fruit/produce fanatic so I feel like a hypocrite every time I lower some peas into a pot of boiling water, drain them, and add them into the food processor. This is a beloved recipe for me. It's simple and a definite crowd pleaser.

You can use frozen peas. I won't tell.


Recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

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  1. heya thanks for dropping by my blog, really enjoying urs now! love the very casual but gorgeous nostalgic photos! though I do love a fresh pea, I must say the frozen ones for pesto work brilliantly! and tossed through a plate of long threads of spaghetti, ahhhhhhh hand it over already.